Babies and Boobies with Heather Crescimanno Certified Lactation Counselor

What's Included?

All visits are in-home, which means I'll come to you, where you feel most natural and comfortable. If you are still in the hospital or birth center, I can attend you there as well. I can also make an effort to be present at your delivery to be a breastfeeding advocate for you and your baby. I travel within the South Bay area.

All feedings will be weighted before and after to check baby's weight, as well as milk intake. I'll check the latch and positioning of the baby, and troubleshoot any pain or other concerns. I can recommend products to make mom more comfortable or improve milk supply, and demonstrate how to use these products. (This includes breast pumps.)

I can also show dad what he can do to help and be supportive, and can talk to family members about the advantages of breastfeeding.

Types of Visits

Initial Visit - Thorough

For the first time mother, or the mom who isn't so confident or who has already experienced trouble breastfeeding.
Visit includes two weighted feedings, latch and positioning check.

Initial Visit - Brief

For the more confident new mom, who just wants to make sure she is doing everything right.
One weighted feeding.

Follow Up Visit

A return visit to follow up with any issues.
Two weighted feedings, if necessary.


Making sure mom and baby are comfortable and adjusting well.
One weighted feeding

Prenatal Counseling

Know what to expect when the time comes, and what actions to take to ensure the best possible start to your breastfeeding relationship. Get help selecting products designed to make breastfeeding easier.

Newborn Care

If you've never swaddled or bathed a newborn, or checked temperature, it can be really tricky! Get tips and tricks from a mom who's been there, and practical assistance doing the real thing.
(Included in Initial Visits, and Follow-Up visits when needed.)

Video Chat

Some issues may not require a visit, but you just want to check in. Or maybe you're out of town visiting, and not within a reasonable travel distance. I'm happy to answer anything I can by Skype or FaceTime.

Email Troubleshooting/Check-ins

For those non-urgent questions that you think of during the 2am nursing session, simply email me! I'll respond as soon as possible, and call you if you need a more thorough explanation.

Instant Messaging/Web Chat

Have a brief question, or want to check if something is safe for breastfeeding? Shoot me a message! Google Talk, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, and MSN Messenger are supported.

Group Rates Available

Have friends who are new or pregnant moms, with questions about breastfeeding, newborn care or postpartum recovery? Host a group session! Send an email with an approximate number of guests, and the subjects you'd like covered, to get a group rate.


I accept:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • PayPal
  • Cash
  • Check

Payment is due at the time of your visit, but may be arranged ahead of time.

Book two or more sessions in advance, and receive a discount! (Prenatal + Initial visits, Initial + Follow Up + Check-in, or any combination you like!)